Kohler Toilets

KOHLER toilets are powerful, clean and efficient. Achieving the best flushing performance has been their focus since the 1970s.

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Rethink Clean - Kohler toilets are designed to be clean in every way. They look clean. They flush clean. They use new technologies to keep your home more sanitary and provide you with a higher level of personal cleanliness. Rethink clean is the KOHLER mantra. Their guiding principle. Because for your bathroom, there’s no such thing as too clean.

More Power, Less Water - Kohler toilets provide more power with less water. Switching to a water-saving toilet is the single most effective change you can make in your house to conserve water. And with KOHLER technologies like the powerful AquaPiston® flush engine, you won’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of performance.


KOHLER Toilet Series

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