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>Elkay Water Coolers for Commercial or School UseElkay Water Coolers

Selecting the correct Elkay water cooler for commercial, industrial or school use can depend on certain criteria. The basic models, which are less expensive, provide exactly what most contractors or managers need. Once you decide on the desired features and benefits, then you can make an educated decision on the model.

What kind of space and plumbing are you utilizing? Water coolers are available in free-standing as well as the ones that are attached to walls. In each category you can choose a single-use model, meaning only one person can drink at one time. Other models have dual outlets where two individuals can use the cooler at one time. In most of requirements for dual outlets, the buyer needs at least 40 psi supply for those times when both sides are in use at the same time.

In keeping with today's trends in physical fitness, some units have been designed to accommodate water bottle refills.

There are also models that are standard "adult" height that stand alone, or models that have the taller height combined with a second unit that is appropriate for children and adults who may be confined to wheelchairs thus allowing for people with disabilities. Not to confuse but to add more options, there are units that can be operated with a foot lever 'hands free' and ones that can use both the manual bubbler and a foot lever. For those who want to keep user's hands away from the drinking area, there are models that can be activated by pressing a side pad.

Elkay Water Coolers can be purchased with or without filters. Most will provide cool water at 50 degrees as long as the intake water is no higher than 80 degress. The manufacturer has been careful to avoid lead in all the product offerings. Most are ADA as well as NSF compliant.

Most units come in the standard light gray. However, several models are available in stainless steel and several free-standing coolers can be purchased in light beige.

Elkay Bottle Filling Stations - Another popular choice for schools, gyms and offices.

Elkay Bottle Filling Stations

QUICK, CLEAN AND GREEN. Elkay's EZH2O bottle filling stations are ideal for education, healthcare, fitness clubs and hospitality. For outdoor applications, including college campuses and recreational areas, we offer a line of bottle filling stations with weather-resistant finish and durable steel construction. Our bottle fillers provide convenient hydration with a rapid fill of filtered water to quench thirst and minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment.
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