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Takagi 9007611005 Concentric PVC Termination

Takagi 9007611005 Concentric PVC Termination
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Model: TAK9007611005

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9007611005 Takagi Concentric PVC Termination

The 9007611005 Concentric PVC Termination is used when terminating direct-vent (sealed combustion) systems, with Indoor models that require a 3 in. (76 mm) intake and a 3 in. (76 mm) exhaust. This concentric termination provides the convenience of only having to make one penetration through a sidewall instead of two separate penetrations for the intake and exhaust piping. The termination includes a bird screen, restricting small animals, pests, and foreign objects from entering into the vent system.

  • For Use with T-H3M-IN, T-H3J-IN, T-H3S-IN, T-H3-IN

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