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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz America Corporation is a subsidiary of Noritz Corporation in Japan, and opened for business in 2001 in Fountain Valley, California. Noritz is the worldwide leader in manufacturing tankless water heaters and plays an important part in providing cost effective hot water heaters for American and Canadian consumers. These tankless water heaters save money and promote sustainable living through water and energy resource conservation. Noritz employs talented engineers and designers who strive to produce superb tankless water heater systems for consumers and commercial buyers.

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Noritz partners exclusively with our professional network in the sales and installation of Noritz tankless water heaters. As wholesalers, contractors and homebuilders, you are the face of Noritz to our valued homeowners and commercial water heater customers. Our goal is to empower you with the highest quality tankless hot water heaters available at superior value. See what our customers have to say about tankless


How a Tankless Water Heater Works in Five Steps

Knowing how a tankless water heater works can be a deciding factor when you want to make the switch. After all, if you don't know how it works, how will you know it works? We've put together a list of steps to help you understand just how a tankless water heater works.

Step 1 : While it may seem obvious, the first step to working your tankless water heater is simply to turn it on. You want to make sure that hot water is flowing through your pipes, this means turning on the hot water. Of course, today that isn't always a simple explanation. If you have a single knob, be sure to turn it towards the hot water. If you have dual knobs, it's much simpler. Locate the hot water knob, and turn it to allow the hot water to flow through.

Step 2 : So, now that you have the hot water turned on, what should you expect? With a regular water heater, you expect hot water to travel from the tank through your pipes. However, with a tankless water heater, cold water actually flows through sensors that trigger the internal computer, and begin the heating process. This leads to our next step.

Step 3 : Now that the internal computer has been triggered, it immediately calculates how the burners need to be, in order to heat the water to the perfect temperature. This can be done with a gas burner or an electrical element. Either way, it provides a constant flow of hot water, without having to wait for a tank to fill back up.

Step 4 : So how does the tankless water heater actually provide all that hot water? After the burner begins heating the water, it circulates around a heat exchanger till it reaches its designated temperature. From there, the water exits the tankless water heater and begins traveling through your pipes till reaching its final destination.

Step 5 : With a tankless water heater, you get to enjoy an endless stream of hot water; but that's not all. Once the demand for hot water no longer exists, the tankless water heater automatically shuts down and stops using energy. Now you get to enjoy energy savings as well as constant and fresh hot water.

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Understanding Tank vs Tankless

The differences in tank vs tankless water heaters can be summed up in four categories:

1. Convenience : The biggest problems that people have with their hot water is not having enough. You may find that hot water doesn't last long enough for everyone in your family to get a shower, or that it runs out partway through. These are problems that only exist with a tank water heater. A tankless heater can solve them. That's because of how the two kinds of heaters work:

  • Tank heaters pre-heat a limited amount of water in their tank. You can get bigger tanks, but they're expensive and there's still a limit. If you use up all the hot water in the tank, you run out until it refills and reheats. This is what makes taking a long shower no fun.
  • Tankless heaters heat up water as it's needed—whenever you turn the faucet. They can bring water up to steaming, soothing temperatures in a matter of seconds. They can provide hot water indefinitely.

2. Efficiency : One of the biggest things homeowners want out of a new water heater is energy efficiency. This is where there's the most dramatic difference between the two heaters:

  • A tank heater operates continuously. That means it's running even when you're asleep, and much of that hot water will never even be used. That's a lot of wasted energy—that you pay for.
  • A tankless heater only heats water on demand. It's a smaller, compact system that flash-heats water when you need it, and turns off as soon as you turn off the faucet. Tankless heaters are designed to save energy.

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