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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals - The Ultimate Food Waste Disposer

No modern kitchen is complete without a great garbage disposal system. Turn to Faucet Depot to find top of the line garbage disposal systems that are priced to sell and will serve your family for many years.

At Faucet Depot, we know that you want your kitchen to have the most modern and most useful upgrades, and installing a garbage disposal system in your kitchen not only makes quick work of an unpleasant task, it can also add to the overall value of your home. We carry InSinkErator garbage disposal and Moen garbage disposals because they give our customers more quality for their money.

A garbage disposal is not only a handy kitchen upgrade, it's also good for the environment. Bacteria and other harmful organisms that live in food waste can cause problems when dumped into landfills because of seepage into the ground that can contaminate the water supply. Our InSinkErator garbage disposals eliminate that possibility by grinding your food waste into fine particles that are easily flushed into the sewage system where food waste can be converted into useful energy or even recycled into fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposals Moen Garbage Disposals

InSinkErator is the world's largest manufacturer
of garbage disposals. All models feature:

  • Dura-Drive™ Induction Motors:
    These powerful, heavy-duty motors are manufactured by InSinkErator to exacting specifications that help ensure high performance and long life.

  • Quick Lock™ Sink Mount
    Available only from InSinkErator, this "twist-on. twist-off" sink mount makes installation fast and easy, no matter what disposal you're replacing.

  • We Come To You™ In-Home Service Warranty
    InSinkErator will handle your service problems at your convenience, in your home.

  • Hear the Difference
    With advanced noise-reducing technologies and anti-vibration features, Evolution Series® garbage disposals have been re-thought with your kitchen serenity in mind. Evolution disposals are so quiet, at times the loudest thing you may hear is the water running.

  • Powerfully Efficient
    Evolution Series® garbage disposals feature 2 or 3 grind stages to liquefy virtually any food waste. Your disposal will make quick work of any food scraps you feed in slowly and with water running. Chicken bones, fruit rinds and coffee grounds are now easy to dispose.

  • Worry Free Grind
    Imagine a tiny grain of rice being chopped multiple times. That’s the effect our 2-stage grind has on food waste. The tiny particles then flow freely into your sewage or septic tank. And for extra assurance, Evolution Excel® features an unmatched 3-stage grind.

  • Easy Installation
    A homeowner with moderate DIY skills can replace an existing garbage disposal in about 1-2 hours. Each model uses standard plumbing connections.

Moen recently introduced a new line of garbage
disposals that offer exceptional performance features.

  • Universal Xpress Mount™
    Universal Xpress Mount™ fits all Moen and most existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies, including InSinkErator® brand.

  • VORTEX™ Motor
    Moen’s VORTEX™ permanent magnet motor - similar to many power tools - immediately operates at full speed. This results in finely ground particles and helps reduce jamming across each level of horsepower.

  • Jams Less
    Moen’s VORTEX™ permanent magnet motor offers faster RPMs which create finely ground particles which can help reduce jamming.

  • Continuous Feed
    All Moen garbage disposals feature continuous feed technology. As long as the power is on, the disposal will continue to grind. No need to wait for it to fill or use a specialty stopper like some batch feed models.

  • SoundSHIELD™
    Moen's SoundSHIELD™ is designed to deaden the sound levels of the powerful garbage disposal motor at work.

  • Power Cord Included
    Moen garbage disposals save time and money by including a pre-installed power cord, eliminating the extra step of hard wiring the disposal or requiring a separate cord purchase.

  • Eco-friendly
    More food waste down the disposal means less in the landfill. Their VORTEX™ motor grinds food waste into fine particles for processing by water treatment facilities. Moen garbage disposals are safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Go Green With A Garbage Disposal
Going One Step Greener with Garbage Disposals - Did you know your food waste if not disposed of properly actually hurts the ozone layer? These inexpensive time savers will quickly and efficiently get rid of your food waste so you can help save the planet. Learn more about adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen today!
Whether you're looking for a garbage disposal system, or just need plumbing or parts for your current system, look no further than Faucet Depot, where we put the buying power and expertise of 75 years of industry experience to work for you. You'll never find better deals on garbage disposal systems or garbage disposal plumbing anywhere else. Turn to Faucet Depot to find the kitchen garbage disposal system that you need at a price worth writing home about!
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