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Kitchen Sinks

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is the focal point of your kitchen, and a new kitchen sink can really change the entire look of one of the most important rooms in your home. Faucet Depot stocks all the popular kitchen sinks - from contemporary to traditional and every style in between.

Kitchen sinks of the past were merely a basic necessity in the kitchen, and many decorators gave little thought to an item that served just as a functional product. At Faucet Depot, we offer our customers a huge selection of kitchen sinks unmatched by any other retailer. We pride ourselves in offering kitchen sinks that unite functionality with beauty; that's why we offer styles and finishes that match or complement every decor and every taste.

Faucet Depot stocks single bowl, apron, double bowl, cast iron, undermount, farmhouse, composite, bar, and granite sinks in a variety of styles. With trusted kitchen sink manufacturers like Moen, American Standard, Blanco, and Elkay, you can be assured that you're buying a quality kitchen sink that will stand up to the tests of time. Whether you're looking to update your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars, or just need more elbow room, Faucet Depot is your source for stylish kitchen sinks that won't break your budget.

Because we want to be your source for all your home plumbing needs, Faucet Depot also carries the plumbing supplies, parts, and accessories that you need to install your sink and maintain its performance. Turn to Faucet Depot for the sink dish racks, sink cutting boards, colanders, grids, and sink hole covers that you need to go with your new kitchen sink purchase.
Kitchen Sink Types

Kitchen Sink Types - Start with the basics and first decide what type of sink you want based on your counter, space and budget. Read more about the most popular types of sinks available on the market.

How To Choose A Kitchen Sink

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink - Just as important as the faucet you choose the right kitchen sink can add a lot of value and beauty to your kitchen. Learn more and compare the most sought after styles of kitchen sinks.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel, the Sink of Sinks - Undoubtedly the most popular finish for the kitchen sink is stainless steel. With price points from the low $100's up to several thousand for a top quality sink; do you know what to look for when buying a quality stainless steel kitchen sink? Learn about buying the perfect sink for your kitchen within your budget.

Composite Sink Buying Guide

Composite Sink Buying Guide - Composite kitchen sinks really stand out in any kitchen. Made of durable granite composites, these sinks will amaze you with their beauty and durability. Learn more about composite kitchen sinks and shop for one in your home.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Add Character and Functionality with a Farmhouse Sink - Not just for the old time farmer's anymore, farmhouse or apron sinks are very popular in the modern kitchen. You can still get the old farmhouse look if that's what you prefer. Read more in our buyer's guide about adding a farmhouse sink to your kitchen.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Great Choice: Undermount Sinks - Undermount kitchen sinks are a great way to get a modern stylish look to your kitchen. These sinks are installed under the countertop and really show off your nice granite or natural stone countertop. Learn more about adding a quality undermount sink to your kitchen.

Think Copper Sink
Think Copper Sink - Want to do something really different with your kitchen or bathroom sink? Then consider a copper sink. These sinks really are a statement piece and add an aire of elegance and sophistication to the home. Learn more about buying a copper sink for your home.
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