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Commercial Faucets, Toilets, Urinals,
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You have come to know and love Faucet Depot for all of your home plumbing needs, but did you know that your trusted friends at Faucet Depot also stock a huge selection of commercial plumbing products as well? From commercial toilets and urinals to kitchen, lavatory, metering, and electronic faucets, you'll find the best commercial plumbing for business and industrial needs all in one spot. Browse our selection of shower valves and flush valves to find heavy-duty, well-constructed products that are built to stand up to the rigors of commercial use. Looking to install or upgrade your drinking fountain, water chiller, or water cooler? We've got you covered there, too, with prices that will fit nicely within your budget.


Commercial Toilets

Commercial toilets are built to last, standing up to the rigors of use and abuse that come with providing a restroom for the public. Choose a toilet that is specially design for public bathroom applications. Faucet Depot stocks a variety of different commercial toilets, including stainless steel commercial toilet sand vitreous china commercial toilet. Choose from commercial toilets with rounded bowls or elongated bowls, and from either one-piece toilets or two-piece commercial toilets. You will also new generation commercial toilets with waterless flushing systems and toilets with various seat specifications for your particular needs, whether you operate a commercial business or an institution. Our toilets meet the standards set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. Shop ADA compliant commercial toilets now from makers that you know and trust like American Standard and Kohler! Our toilets are in stock and ready for next day shipping to your place of business!



Add the convenience of a urinal to your business' bathroom! A urinal is a wise investment that your customers and clients will really appreciate, and Faucet Depot stocks urinals from the world's most trusted brands, including Kohler, Sloan, Falcon, and American Standard urinals. You will also find a range of replacement parts that will keep your new urinal running like it should, including urinal sensor replacement kits and more. Our inventory includes both easy to sanitize stainless steel urinal options and urinals made from vitreous china. Every urinal that we sell is ADA approved and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Shop Faucet Depot now to find a wide selection of urinals to meet your particular needs - everything that we sell is ready for next day shipping from our door to yours!

kitchen faucets

Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Your business should have only the best of equipment including kitchen faucets. A top of the line kitchen faucet is imperative in giving great functionality to this area of your business. Faucet Depot has a large inventory of superior kitchen faucets for you to choose from. We have two handle deck mount faucets, single handle pull-out faucets, kitchen faucets with side spray nozzles, swing gooseneck faucets and many more. This huge selection of kitchen faucets are available from leading manufacturers such as Moen, Pfister, T&S, Blanco and others. Each faucet has been durably made using top quality components and materials. Purchasing your kitchen faucets from Faucet Depot can be done in confidence due to the superior quality we offer. Our customers return time after time for commercial grade products needed in their businesses such as kitchen faucets.

lav faucets

Commercial Lavatory Faucets

Faucet Depot offers commercial grade lavatory faucets to enhance the functioning of your businesses' restroom. Most businesses have restrooms that are frequented by a wide variety of individuals. You want to fit this room of your business with only the best performing faucets. We have a large selection of lavatory faucets from name brand manufacturers such as Moen, Price Pfister, Chicago, Kohler, T&S and others. All lavatory faucets offered by Faucet Depot have been durably made of quality materials to deliver top performance, exceptional good looks and total satisfaction for years to come. Customers appreciate the variation in style, design and function that our great line includes. Choosing the perfect lavatory faucets for your business has never been easier than when using Faucet Depot. We strive to offer only the best of products to our customers so they return for future commercial needs.

lav faucets

Electronic Faucets

We have top of the line electronic faucets from leading brands such as Sloan, American Standard, Moen, Chicago, Hansgrohe, Kohler and others. Faucet Depot offers numerous styles and designs of commercial electronic faucets. Each electronic faucet provides different functioning such as battery powered soap dispensing, water temperature control and more. We have gooseneck electronic faucets, single hole faucets, deck mount faucets and other great electronic models. Some have infrared functioning. There is no better way to equip your business than with a sensational electronic faucet from Faucet Depot. We work hard to bring our customers an inventory of products that deliver durability, functionality and satisfaction.

lav faucets

Metering Faucets

We offer great metering faucets from name brand manufacturers such as Chicago and Sloan. All metering faucets are made using superior materials and components. Our low maintenance metering faucets will provide your business with uninterrupted performance and long lasting durability. These faucets are ideal for high use in your commercial business. Business owners choose Faucet Depot for all their metering faucets. Our inventory of metering faucets includes some of the best in the industry. There are various styles and designs in our collections allowing you to choose the one that will best fit the look of your business. We strive to bring you quality products for your commercial business so that you continue to return for other fabulous products in the years to come.

service sink

Service Sink Faucets

These great service sink faucets are durably made using quality materials and components giving customers satisfaction in design and performance. We have compiled a wide assortment of service sink faucets from leading brand names such as Moen, Price Pfister, T&S, Cleveland Faucet Group and many others. Installing a superior service sink faucet from one of the companies is the best way to add functionality to your business. You can choose from various styles and designs of service sink faucets with varying features to fit the needs of your own business. Our customers return time and time again for additional products to enhance their businesses. You will find wall mount service sink faucets as well as two handle models and more.


Commercial Shower Valves

Complete your commercial shower systems with top grade commercial shower valves from Faucet Depot. We offer a large selection of shower valves from Moen that have been made using quality materials and components. These shower valves will give your business years of uninterrupted performance and lasting durability. Each shower valve has impeccable beauty with long-lasting finishes. You can easily find a style, design and finish that will fit the look of your own business. Faucet Depot strives to bring customers only the finest of products to deliver complete satisfaction. Satisfied customers continue to return to Faucet Depot for all their commercial plumbing needs. We have a huge inventory of commercial plumbing products and other supplies to help in proper functioning of any type business.


Flush Valves

We carry a selection of great flush valves to complete the plumbing system of your business. Rough plumbing parts such as flush valves from Sloan, American Standard, Kohler, Toto and others have been made of high performance components and quality materials. Faucet Depot customers have the assurance of receiving top of the line products and parts from our grand inventory. Regardless of the type or design of flush valve needed, you are sure to find just exactly what you want. Our flush valves have finishes that will maintain their good looks over the years. Most all of our customers return time after time to get the products required in their commercial businesses. Browse our complete inventory for other plumbing products to make your business more efficient and functional.

drinking fountain

Drinking Fountains

You can greatly enhance the functionality of your business with a commercial drinking fountain. Our drinking fountains have been manufactured by leading companies using only high performing components and top quality materials. Each drinking fountain will bring years of service to customers and employees frequenting your business. You can offer a commercial grade drinking fountain as part of the lounge within your business or as a convenience for your patrons. Faucet Depot's dependable drinking fountains are available in various styles allowing you to choose the one that best fits the overall look of your business. Many of our customers return often to select additional plumbing products and parts to give their businesses complete functioning and performance.

water cooler

Water Coolers

Faucet Depot carries a complete selection of water coolers from top companies such as Elkay that have been durably made of high performance components and quality materials. You will find a water cooler that will add convenience and functionality to your business or office. Many customers choose one or more of these great water coolers to meet the needs of their employees as well as their own customers. Many break rooms, conference rooms, waiting areas and other spaces in commercial business can benefit from this added convenience. You will appreciate the years of use your business gains from our products. We have additional plumbing products and parts to help you make your business more efficient and productive.

water chiller

Water Chillers

Our commercial grade water chillers are made using quality materials and durable components. Your business will benefit from installing a high performance water chiller from InSinkErator, Everpure, or Elkay. These companies offer water chillers delivering years of uninterrupted service and long lasting functioning. We have several models to choose from allowing you to choose the one that best meets the demands of your business or office. These are simple to install and will give chilled water anytime you want it. Most models are very compact in size and energy efficient. Various models can be mounted under water fountains while others easily mount under sinks. Browse our inventory of other great plumbing products and parts to help your business run more efficiently.

reduced pressure assembly

Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

Our inventory of reduced pressure zone assemblies includes products from leading manufacturers such as Febco, Watts, Wilkins and others. Each reduced pressure zone assembly has been made using quality materials and high performance components. These assemblies are used to help protect against toxic materials in the water supply of your business. Many use these in irrigation systems and other installations that need maximum protection form toxins. You can use our commercial grade reduced pressure zone assemblies to help ensure the safety of the water in your business. Our products meet the guidelines required by many agencies. We strive to deliver products that outperform the competition and leave customers satisfied for years.

double check assembly

Double Check Valves

We carry double check valve assemblies from Febco, Watts and Wilkins that have been durably made using quality materials and high performance components. Our assemblies are lead free and meet the standards set by most all agencies. You can easily prevent backflow of water that is contaminated into your water supply at your business location. These assemblies are easy to maintain with only one cover on most. There are no special tools required to service these double check valve assemblies. When protecting the water supply at your business, you should rely on our double check valve assemblies. Many customers return to choose other great products from our huge plumbing supply inventory.

vacuum breakers

Vacuum Breakers

In our huge inventory of vacuum breakers, you will find vacuum breakers by Sloan, Kohler, T&S Brass, Febco, Watts and many others. Our vacuum breakers bring protection against backsiphonage conditions in your commercial business. These high quality vacuum breakers have been durably made to withstand years of use. Each breaker is constructed of quality materials and high performance components to bring satisfaction to the customer and years of uninterrupted service.

When shopping our huge inventory of in stock and ready to ship out commercial plumbing products, you'll find your favorite brands like Chicago Faucets, Elkay, Moen, American Standard and more - each of them chosen for their stand-out quality and ong lasting durability. Choosing to purchase your commercial plumbing products at Faucet Depot is a move that you can be comfortable with because you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're dealing with real people, not computers. Faucet Depot is staffed by elite plumbing professionals - which means that when you call us, you'll be speaking to a real human, not an automated computer that cannot understand the needs that you have for your commercial business. Real people, really low prices, that's the Faucet Depot difference.

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